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Quartz Crystal Production - Mounting
Once the quartz blanks are plated, they are generally considered resonators. Although a quartz blank will resonate without an electrode if an electric field is coupled to it. Plated resonators are mounted into their mechanical enclosures through the use of fine ribbons or clips of soft metal. Once attached these mounting structures propagate the electrical signal onto the resonator from the external circuit. There are two basic mounting structures; the first where the ribbon or clip is attached tangential to the resonator (as shown above) and the other normal to the resonator's major surface. In the case of "normal" mounting methods, the mounting structure consists of 3 or 4 points of mounting. This has been demonstrated to be superior for acceleration sensitivity.

The mounting operation is completed by the application of a tiny amount of conductive cement or brazing compound which is then cured or fired to create a permanent joint between the mounting structure and the resonator.
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