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Bliley has: (For more information and heritage)

  • Over 40 years of heritage in the Space-Industry
  • Complete in-house capability to produce AT and Double Rotated Cuts from raw swept quartz to finished quartz crystal
  • Complete (history or library or knowledge)of screening requirements needed to produce Space-Qualified Quartz Resonators
  • Ability to produce standard 4-point mount cold-weld packages(HC-40, HC-37, HC-35) in addition to our Glass BG61 as well as vacuum sealed 8X8mm SMD resonator



Bliley has: (For more information and heritage)

  • Vertically integrated ability to process our own Space-Proven crystal resonators and oscillators with-in the same building
  • Supply Chain of components established to meet performance and traceability requirements
  • Heritage with both TCXO and OCXO products for Domestic and International programs
  • Ruggedized designs to meet the harshest environments

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Bliley Technologies is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of low noise frequency control products. Privately owned and operated since 1930, our dedicated employees, utilizing our 64,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Erie PA, have been a stable source of quality frequency control products for our customers for over eighty years.

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