RFQ - Sensor Crystals
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Below is an online RFQ form for crystal sensors. Simply fill out the form below and click "Submit This RFQ" when finished. You do not need to fill out every spec, just the specs most important for your needs. However, for us to be able to reach you, you do need to fill out all of the contact information.
All crystals and blanks are manufactured from pure Z-growth Cultured Quartz grown in the USA and processed by Bliley Technologies Inc.
NOTE: If you have an existing specification, please FAX it, or send it attached to an e-mail, to our Sales Department for review and quotation.
Spec requirements should be kept to a minimum receive the lowest-cost for our products. Please avoid over-specifying.
Contact Details:

What is the geometry?
If "other", please enter a detailed description.

What are the dimensions of the unit's geometry and their tolerance?
Enter dimensions (inches/mm) in the box to the right. For example: Diameter, 0.734, ± 0.0025"

What is the approximate size of the part?
Diameter/Edge: Greater or less than 1 inch/25.4 mm?
Enter dimensions (inches/mm) in the box to the right.

What is the thickness of the part?

Is there a hole in the center?
If "other", please enter a detailed description in the box to the right.

What is the material?
Quartz, Topaz, Tourmaline, Lithium Niobate, or other material?

What is the crystal cut?
If described to the right, please use degrees/minutes/seconds.

Is there a surface finish requirement?
If "Yes", please enter a detailed description in the box to the right.

Is the part plated?
If "Yes", please enter a detailed description in the area on the right, including the material to be plated onto the sensor.
Gold, Silver, Nickel, Aluminum, Chrome, or other single or multi-layered element or alloy

Application for the sensor and environment?
Enter a description of what is being measured and the environment in which the sensor will be placed.

Misc. Conditions: Quantity, delivery, etc...

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