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Apollo - OCXO

Versatile for many applications.

Designed to be versatile for many applications, our “Apollo platform,” offers flexibility in meeting requirements ranging from economical up to highly demanding Phase Noise, G-Sensitivity and Frequency Stability vs. Temperature. This oscillator is truly convincing in all applications. The Apollo is Bliley Technologies miniature Ultra Low Phase Noise OCXO that is available from 30MHz to 130MHz. With typical noise floor performance of -176dBc/Hz at >100KHz, the Apollo can be configured for low acceleration sensitivity of 0.2ppb/g, as well as best in class temperature stability and excellent aging. The Apollo is ideal for applications requiring high performance with package size constraints.

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100Mhz, 120Mhz - Crystal

The 3 standard package configurations available to designers have greater flexibility with respect to component selection and placement. Several doubly rotated crystal cuts are available to allow engineers to accurately define the turning point region of any design or application. All crystal packages are vacuum sealed to facilitate excellent age rates and low resistances. Our high “Q” factor promotes the ability to achieve excellent in-circuit phase noise performance in oscillator designs.

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Zeus - OCXO

The Zeus is Bliley Technologies’ lowest phase noise Oscillator. With typical noise floor performance of -180dBc/Hz at >20 KHz offsets. The Zeus is housed in an industry standard package and is a drop in replacement for many legacy applications that require this level of phase noise. Available at fixed frequencies of 30MHz to 130MHz, the Zeus can also be configured for acceleration sensitivity as low as 0.2ppb/g by request.

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Poseidon - OCXO

The Poseidon offers unparalleled acceleration sensitivity which directly impacts phase noise performance in dynamic environments. Bliley deploys both active compensation and passive dampening to achieve the ultimate in dynamic phase noise performance. With an available configurable frequency range of 5MHz to 130MHZ and Ultra Low Phase Noise the Poseidon offers system designers a rugged frequency source that is suited for harsh environments.

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The T85 TCXO series is an analog compensated TCXO which offers excellent frequency stability over a wide temperature range. This model offers an operating frequency range from a minimum of 5Mhz and a maximum of 52MHz. This low phase noise device(-145dbc @ 1KHz) also has available options in regards to: Electronic Frequency Control, Power Supply(3.3Vdc & 5.0Vdc) and Output Waveforms(Clipped Sine Wave & CMOS) which provides versatility spanning many applications.

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Bliley Custom Shop

Do you have a requirement that is unique and requires extreme performance yet is not a standard product? The Bliley Custom Shop Oscillators are “one off designs” that are either manufactured around a customer specification or collaboration between the engineers. With Bliley’s in-house crystal manufacturing and machine shop, we can build to order! Contact us today for your Custom Shop needs!

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Bliley OCXO’s and TCXO’s are manufactured for Space Applications with TID up to 100 kRad, low dose radiation. Both Types are in-orbit with a mission life of 15 to 20 years; depending on application.

These oscillators serve as master clock references for FGU, Up and Down Converters and Beacon applications.

Both oscillators utilize “Bliley’s Own” Premium Q, Swept Quartz SC Cut and AT Cut Crystal Resonators for radiation environments. The quartz resonators are also designed and manufactured for the Shock and Vibration of launch and in-orbit readjustment.

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