Low-cost timing for space without sacrificing performance and reliability.

Space oscillators don't have to cost a small fortune.

The space industry is going through a tremendous paradigm shift.  Companies like SpaceX making access to space more affordable.  The need for triple-redundant, over-engineered, 'exquisit' space hardware is disappearing.  A new approach to risk management is needed to compete in the New Space revolution.  This is true for both large GEO satellites or constellations of hundreds of smaller LEO/MEO satellites.

The team at Bliley is supporting the universe's largest constellations.

Every constellation and space-craft has it's unique set of requirements.  Bliley also offers systems engineering consulting during RFI/RFP stages to ensure all design trades are properly explored.

"These ARE the oscillators you're looking for..."
-Jedi master

Bliley's Space offerings include TCXOs, OCXOs, and disciplined oscillators specifically designed for LEO radiation environments.  We also offer GPS disciplined oscillators that take advantage of the fact that lower altitude satellite constellations have access to GPS timing signals.

Bliley can also offer larger integrated solutions such as master clock generator/master reference oscillator box builds for satellites that contain sophisticated payloads that require synchronized frequency control.

In order to keep cost as low as possible, a number of innovative approaches have been taken:

  • Up-screening of low-cost COTS components to ensure radiation survivability
  • Radiation hardness by design to ensure graceful degradation of critical specs
  • Inherent tin-whisker mitigations to allow for the use of automotive and lead-free parts

If you're team is ready to think differently about an approach to space, we're here to take you further.

NOTE: If this brave new world is too scary, then we recommend our friends over in New York... we're heard they make great boxes and you won't spend more anywhere else!