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Do you have a requirement that is unique and requires extreme performance yet is not a standard product?  The Bliley Custom Shop Oscillators are “one off designs” that are either manufactured around a customer specification or collaboration between the engineers.  With Bliley’s in-house crystal manufacturing and machine shop, we can build to order!  Contact us today for your Custom Shop needs!

Crystals (Precision/Standard)

The 3 standard package configurations available to designers have greater flexibility with respect to component selection and placement. Several doubly rotated crystal cuts are available to allow engineers to accurately define the turning point region of any design or application. All crystal packages are vacuum sealed to facilitate excellent age rates and low resistances. Our high "Q" factor promotes the ability to achieve excellent in-circuit phase noise performance in oscillator designs


The Double Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator or DOCXO uses two separate heating circuits coupled together to achieve ultra stable Frequency vs. Temperature performance. The performance level is usually and order of magnitude lower than an OCXO (please see OCXO Oscillators). DOCXO performance can reach +/-.2ppb over temperature range of 0C to 70C.(+/-.4ppb for temperature range of -40 to 70C.) The use of modern manufacturing technology has enabled us to provide DOCXO performance in the same standard package of single OCXO products.(36X27mm/CO-08)

Downhole Exploration

Bliley Technologies supplies a range of custom crystals for the oil and gas exploration industry. Four point mount configurations are supplied in standard HC-37 and HC-35 packages. The four point mount provides excellent survivability in high vibration and shock environments. The AT crystal cut is the primary part supplied to this industry. The SC cut is used when improved frequency stability over temperature is needed. The crystals are designed to operate at elevated temperatures - 200°C is typical maximum operating temperature. Please consult the factory with your custom requirements


The OCXO is an oscillator which is temperature controlled (ovenized crystal controlled oscillator). This type of oscillator has a temperature controlling circuit to maintain the crystal and key components at a constant temperature. OCXO's are typically used when temperature stabilities on the order of ±1 x 10-8 or better are required. While this type of oscillator has a tenfold improvement over a TCXO for temperature stability, the OCXO tends to be higher in price and consumes more power. Typical power at +25 °C ambient is 1.5 Watts to 2.0 Watts in a steady state condition.

Satellite and Space

Bliley has over 40 years of heritage in the Space-Industry.


A TCXO is a emperature compensated crystal oscillator. The basic building block for a TCXO is a VCXO with approximately ±50 ppm deviation range and a temperature sensitive network. This temperature sensitive network (temperature compensation circuit) applies a voltage to the varactor diode that corrects the frequency of the VCXO at any temperature within the operating temperature range. Typical temperature stabilities achieved from TCXO's would be from ±0.20 ppm to ±2.0 ppm. From this we can see that a TCXO offers about a tenfold improvement in temperature stability over a clock oscillator.


A crystal oven is a temperature-controlled chamber used to maintain the quartz crystal in electronic crystal oscillators at a constant temperature, in order to prevent changes in the frequency due to variations in ambient temperature.


A VCXO Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillator is a crystal oscillator that's frequency can be adjusted by an externally applied voltage. VCXO's have a wide variety of applications in frequency modulation (FM) and phase-locked-loop (PLL) systems. Typical deviation ranges can be ±10 ppm to as much as ±2000 ppm. The device that allows a crystal oscillator's frequency to be voltage controlled is known as a varactor diode. This device is essentially a voltage variable capacitor. The capacitance of a varactor diode is inversely proportional to the voltage applied.

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Bliley Technologies is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of low noise frequency control products. Privately owned and operated since 1930, our dedicated employees, utilizing our 64,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Erie PA, have been a stable source of quality frequency control products for our customers for over eighty years.

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