QPL Military Quartz Crystals

QPL (or Qualified Parts List) crystals are certified and approved by the US Government's Defense Logistics Agency.  In many military and defense applications, the success of the mission (and the lives of our warfighter) depend on the reliable performance and quality of the parts within the electronic systems being use.

To be listed as an approved part in the QPL database requires process and quality audits and even part testing through DoD certified test laboratories.

All products listed herein have been qualified under the requirements for the product as specified in MIL-PRF-3098 (Quartz Crystals).

When mission success is the only option, QPL certified parts give you an added sense of assurance.

MIL-PRF-3098, Group 7A
 Government Designation Frequency Range
 CR60B/U  5MHz thru 20MHz
MIL-PRF-3098, Group 8
 Government Designation  Frequency Range
 CR18B/U  920KHz thru 20MHz
 CR19B/U  920KHz thru 20MHz
 CR85B/U  920KHz thru 20MHz
 CR89B/U  2.12MHz thru 6.2MHz
 CR119B/U  920KHz thru 20MHz
 CR125B/U  1.85MHz thru 3.05MHz
 CR130B/U  920KHz thru 20MHz
 CR157B/U  920KHz thru 20MHz
MIL-PRF-3098, Group 8A
 Government Designation Frequency Range
 CR27B/U  920KHz thru 20MHz
 CR28B/U  920KHz thru 20MHz
 CR35B/U  920KHz thru 20MHz
 CR62B/U  920KHz thru 20MHz
 CR131B/U  920KHz thru 20MHz
 CR33B/U  10MHz thru 30MHz

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